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Canongate U.S.
Canongate U.S.

Looking in the Distance

The Human Search for Meaning

by Richard Holloway

“This is exhilarating and inspiring stuff, but it is in his last section, ‘Leaving,’ that Holloway hits the sweetest, highest, saddest notes on his trumpet.” —Bel Mooney

  • Imprint Canongate U.S.
  • Page Count 240
  • Publication Date April 06, 2007
  • ISBN-13 978-1-8419-5736-4
  • Dimensions 5" x 7.75"
  • US List Price $21.00

About The Book

By the former Bishop of Edinburgh, Looking in the Distance celebrates the possibilities of life, its rewards, and its profound challenges, with a fresh, humane optimism that is both passionate and pragmatic. Fearlessly pondering life’s end, Holloway examines how doubts too often paralyze people. He explains, “A sentence is not finished till it has a full stop, and every life needs a dying to complete it. . . . Our brief finitude is but a beautiful spark in the vast darkness of space. So we should live the fleeting day with passion and, when the night comes, depart from it with grace.” Written in the context of organized religion’s structural difficulties, Looking in the Distance is a highly personal and meditative work that helps us better understand the myriad ways in which the human search for wholeness and healing can be approached. Accessible, funny, inquisitive, and ever hopeful, it will inspire all who read it.