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by Ben Watt

“Told with great wit and without self-pity, Patient is a sobering look at how life can suddenly be transformed into a humbling vaudeville of tests, IV’s, catheters, and bedpans.” –The New York Times Book Review…

Ice Cream

by Helen Dunmore

“Dunmore’s carefully observed stories demonstrate her ear for language and her eye for the telling moment. . . .Dunmore deftly uses narrative turning points to throw her characters into sharp relief.” –Sarah Ferguson, The New York Times Book Review…

S. L. Price

S. L. Price, a senior writer at Sports Illustrated since 1994, is the author of three previous books: Heart of the Game; Pitching Around Fidel, which was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize; and Far Afield. He lives in Washington, D.C., with his family….

Richard Price

Richard Price has written six novels, including Freedomland, Clockers, and The Wanderers, as well as several screenplays. He lives in New York City….

Amy Alexander

Amy Alexander is the media columnist at, ( and editor of The Farrakhan Factor: African American Writers on Leadership, Nationhood, and Minister Louis Farrakhan. (Grove Press, 1998). She is author of Fifty Black Women Who Changed America (Birch Lane Press, 1999). Her current book, Lay My Burden Down: Suicide…


by Tim Ecott

“While the scientific information is plentiful, detailed and readable, as the title suggests it is a story of the author’s travels, his love affair with the exotic islands in the Indian Ocean from which vanilla comes, as well as the seductive story of the fruit. . . . Ecott’s books…

Victory 1918

by Alan Palmer

“Victory 1918 covers all the theaters of war, not only the muck and mire of France. . . . [It] provides food for thought and reflection on the futility of war as an instrument of policy.” –Norman N. Brown, Chicago Tribune…

Playing Through the Whistle

by S. L. Price

From a Sports Illustrated senior writer, a moving epic of football and industrial America, telling the story of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, its now-shuttered steel mill, and its legendary high school team….

A Gentleman’s Game

by Tom Coyne

“Coyne starts his book with a punch . . . and keeps coming at you with tough, tight prose that doesn’t let up.” –Gwen Florio, The Philadelphia Inquirer…

Grove at Home: February 28-March 6

…a jazz standard, a number-one pop hit, and likely the best-known song the two ever wrote together. Here, to supplement some of the versions we shared last month on Brecht’s 123rd birthday, are some more performances of “Mack the Knife”: Monday, March 1 Jesse…