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One Part Woman

by Perumal Murugan

The American debut of a world-class writer, already profiled by the New York Times, One Part Woman is a charming and touching story of a South Indian couple who cannot conceive, and the extraordinary efforts they make to please their family and try to have a baby….

Witches on the Road Tonight

by Sheri Holman

“Holman is a master of the miniature. She uses tiny, achingly accurate details to bring each moment to life on the page; her sentences sing. . . . This richly layered novel is Holman’s most ambitious and successful yet.” —People (4 stars)…

Ice Cream

by Helen Dunmore

“Dunmore’s carefully observed stories demonstrate her ear for language and her eye for the telling moment. . . .Dunmore deftly uses narrative turning points to throw her characters into sharp relief.” –Sarah Ferguson, The New York Times Book Review…

The Story of a Goat

by Perumal Murugan

From one of India’s best-known writers and the author of the National Book Award-longlisted One Part Woman comes a charming and surprising tale of an orphaned goat and the family that decides to take care of her, despite the potential cost to them…

Had a Good Time

by Robert Olen Butler

“All of these stories are told in the first person, but Butler rarely settles for impressing us with his range of vocal effects. He favors strong plots and strong twists. . . . The author more than satisfies us with the book’s tonal variety and unexpected linkages.” —Thomas Mallon, Washington…

The Internet Is Not the Answer

by Andrew Keen

A sharp indictment and incisive analysis of the detrimental effects of the Internet on our psychology, economy, and society.

Surreal Lives

by Ruth Brandon

“Surrealism is now associated more with whimsy than with the lacerating and uncanny effects first sought by the French poets who first formulated its principles . . . [Surreal Lives is] a lively and absorbing complement to their work.” –The New Yorker…

Uniform Justice

by Donna Leon

“Leon is probably the best mystery writer you’ve never heard of. . . . She uses the relatively small and crime-free canvas of Venice for riffs about Italian life, sexual styles and—best of all—the kind of ingrown business and political corruption that seems to lurk just below the surface.” —The…

The Passion

by Jeanette Winterson

This arresting, elegant novel uses Napolean’s Europe as the setting for a tantalizing surrealistic romance between an observer of history and a creature of fantasy….

The Adventures of Lucky Pierre

by Robert Coover

“An embodiment of a spectacle-obsessed entertainment culture that seems horribly like our own. . . . It delivers the ancient narrative satisfaction of seeing a character deal with the inexplicabilities of time, the prospect of his own extinction.” –The New York Times Book Review…