“I found Sandy fascinating. He had such a different way of looking at things. It doesn’t seem unique now because we’re used to it, this is what you expect GMs to be, but back then, you talk about a maverick, this was a maverick. He was smart enough to know what he didn’t know, but he was also smart enough to question what everyone perceived to be as givens. He had the self-confidence to question things and look for a better way and look for another way. . . . I knew I was never going to be as smart as Sandy. Every day that I went in, I was going to learn something that was going to make me better.”
–Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland Athletics

Praise for One Day At Fenway:

“An ambitious undertaking and a riveting read.”
Boston Globe

“Fierce . . . fun . . . and often riveting. A rare inning-to-inning insight into the sport.”
–San Francisco Chronicle

“Fascinating. . . . The Black Hawk Down of baseball.”
Madison Smart Bell

“Kettman . . . has a knack for conveying the tensions that build throughout the afternoon. He also has a great eye for detail. . . . [A] riveting book.”
Publishers Weekly