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No Man’s Dog

A Detective Sergeant Mulheisen Mystery

by Jon A. Jackson
  • Imprint Atlantic Monthly Press
  • Publication Date December 23, 2014
  • ISBN-13 978-0-8021-9120-5
  • US List Price $12.00

About The Book

A pulse-pounding thriller that pits Detective “Fang” Mulheisen against drug smugglers and international terrorists, rogue government agents, and the explosive return of Joe Service

Jon A. Jackson is a master mystery writer with “plenty of action, lots of low-key black humor, and [a] perfect ear for the nuances of criminal speech” (Chicago Tribune). In No Man’s Dog his longtime hero “Fang” Mulheisen is back for a volatile confrontation with his old nemesis, Joe Service. Add to the mix drug dealers, international terrorists, federal agents acting outside the law, and the hellish fury of crime-babe Helen Sedlacek, and you have a Molotov cocktail.

The novel opens with Mulheisen’s aged mother nearly slain by an incomprehensible bombing at an orderly environmental protest. Mulheisen resigns from the force to nurse her, but as she recovers he turns his implacable attention to the bombers. The Task Force can’t decide if it’s anti-environmentalists, international terrorists, or a drug cartel’s attempt to quiet a witness or spring him–but Mulheisen quickly notices what the Feds haven’t: a gun-happy survivalist on the scene. Meanwhile Joe Service has been tossed to the wolves by his ex-employers, an elite group of rogue federal agents, just as an old mob contact warns him that someone he’d hit is still alive and kicking.

Some dogs prefer to hunt on their own, and in Badger Games readers saw that Joe Service would run the most vicious beast to earth. Now Mulheisen reminds us he’s the old dog in this hunt. Will this fight bring Service and Mulheisen together, at risk of losing the prey?


“Easily and without apparent artifice moves each of his story lines through the narrative. At times none of them seem related, and it often appears that they never will be. Subtly at these moments of readerly concern, with precise timing, Jackson slips in awkward incidence, slight dialogue inference, delicate innuendo and the entire off-kilter m”lange of intrigue begins to tie itself together. . . . Hardcore writers consider this guy one of the best in the business.” –John Holt, California Literary Review

“Jackson continues his quest to enlarge the darkly comic circle of Detroit crime to epic proportions. . . . The highlight in this installment of the Mulheisen/Service saga is a razor-sharp series of conversations between nominal enemies and even more nominal allies that recast domestic and international terrorism as a ludicrously inflated game of Who’s on First.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Jackson tackles the whole Patriot Act mess from an engaging everyman point of view, showing how “homeland security” offers a convenient umbrella under which cammo-wearing crackpots can raise havoc. Crackpots notwithstanding, this installment offers a thoroughly entertaining. . . interlude in a usually quite dark series.

” –Booklist

“The 10th installment in Jackson’s series to feature Detective Sergeant Mulheisen (after 2002’s Badger Games) delivers sturdy entertainment.” –Publishers Weekly

No Man’s Dog is an exhilarating tour of the potentialities of domestic terrorism where you begin to understand Homeland Security as a ping-pong ball of dread and paranoia. Jackson writes beautifully and introduces us to so much we didn’t know.” –Jim Harrison, author of True North and The Beast God Forgot to Invent