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Suffer the Little Children

by Donna Leon

“Donna Leon is the undisputed crime fiction queen . . . [Her] ability to capture the city’s social scene and internal politics is first-rate, as always, but this installment carries extra gravity and welcome plot twists that make it one of the series’ better efforts.” —Sarah Weinman, Baltimore Sun…

Krapp’s Last Tape and Other Dramatic Pieces

by Samuel Beckett

“In love with the aside, the tangential comment, the footnote and the mathematical calculation . . . . Beckett has fashioned a vehicle for himself in drama and prose that allows him to be romantic and irreverent at one and the same instant.” –The New Republic…


by Claudia Rankine

“Plot is inexhaustibly complex, varied, and difficult–and as fearlessly and even grimly inventive and searching as one can conceive any book of poems as being. It instantly joins the few contemporary works. . .whose gravity is synonymous with the passion and integrity of their intelligence.” –Calvin Bedient, Verse…

The Monk

by Matthew Lewis

“The Monk is one of the authentic prodigies of English fiction, a book in spite of its various crudenesses so good that even after a century and a half it is possible to consider it unhistorically.” –John Berryman, from the Introduction…

The Old Enemy

by Henry Porter

In this soaring third installment in internationally bestselling author Henry Porter’s “timely and terrific” (Mick Herron) Firefly series, former MI6 agent Paul Samson must dodge several attempts on his own life in order to expose a shadowy and dangerous enemy of western democracy…

The Mercy Seat

by Elizabeth Winthrop

A breakout novel by “a bitingly intelligent writer” (New York Times Book Review) set during the hours leading up to the scheduled execution of a young black man for the alleged rape of a white woman in a small Louisiana town in 1943…

Why We Can’t Sleep

by Ada Calhoun

An instant New York Times bestseller—lauded by critics and TV personalities alike—and one of the most anticipated books of the year, Ada Calhoun’s Why We Can’t Sleep has ignited an essential conversation about the midlife realities faced by Gen X women, the generation raised to “have it all.”…

The Bones of Wolfe

by James Carlos Blake

From CWA Goldsboro Gold Dagger Award finalist James Carlos Blake, a gripping new installment follows the Wolfe clan on a search for a long-lost relative that inadvertently becomes tangled with increasingly dangerous characters

Craig Nova

…physical or psychological, and of course the best is when the two variety of collisions happen at the same time. For instance, in Trombone, the collision is between a father, a son, and a Chinese gangster, not to mention the added one between father and son and a young woman….

Salley Vickers

Salley Vickers has written three widely acclaimed novels: Miss Garnet’s Angel (also available as a Brilliance Audiobook), Instances of the Number 3, and Mr. Golightly’s Holiday. She is also a trained analytical psychologist and lectures widely on the connections between literature, psychology, and religion. She lives and works in London…