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1941: Fighting the Shadow War

by Marc Wortman

A thrilling exploration of the little-known history of America’s clandestine involvement in World War II prior to Pearl Harbor….

How the Dead Live

by Will Self

“How the Dead Live overflows with rhetorical ecstasy–arabesques of assonance and alliteration, puns peppering every paragraph, chiasmus turning clause after clause back on themselves like a hall of mirrors, page upon page enacting a giant oxymoron: loathing as glee.” –Carey Harrison, San Francisco Chronicle…

A Storm in Flanders

by Winston Groom

A reissue from the bestselling author of Forrest Gump, A Storm in Flanders is a fascinating history of the four-year battle of Ypres, the most notorious and dreaded place in all of World War I….


by Karl Marlantes

A big, powerful saga of men in combat, written over the course of thirty-five years by a highly decorated Vietnam veteran.

António Lobo Antunes

…“Welcome to Hell” loosely but aptly translates the title), completes what is a frankly autobiographical trilogy, revisiting the battlefront in Angola but delving more particularly into the microworld of the psychiatric hospital where the author himself works. Explicaçao dos Pássaros (1981; translated as An Explanation of the Birds) charts new…

The Face of War

by Martha Gellhorn

“A brilliant anti-war book that is as fresh as if written for this morning. Seldom can a correspondent assemble past writings from various locations and watch a clear pattern emerge, yet her pieces fall into place in a grand design. Her opinions, because they are rooted in these finely drawn…

War Law

by Michael Byers

“Should be read, and pondered, by those who are seriously concerned with the legacy we will leave to future generations.” —Noam Chomsky…


by Frances Itani

“Moving and memorable. . . . Itani is an artist who understands what to include and what to leave out, when to whisper and when to shout. . . . Hers is a fiction of quiet but steady revelation. . . . Itani’s writing is merely breathtaking.” –Dan Cryer, Newsday…


by Winston Groom

From the author of Forrest Gump and A Storm in Flanders, a riveting chronicle of America’s most critical hour….

The Beholder’s Eye

by Walt Harrington

“Aims to dispel the old journalistic clich”: that a journalist writing about him/herself is always ‘self-indulgent and, quite likely, narcissistic.” He couldn’t have put together a better lineup of writers to make the point that it doesn’t have to be. . . . Not just some of the country’s finest…