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Howard Hawks

by Todd McCarthy

“Spectacular . . . McCarthy’s thick, rich biography . . . chronicles in vivid detail how perhaps the last great popular artist in the movies worked.” –Los Angeles Times Book Review…

Loves of Harriet Beecher Stowe

by Philip McFarland

“Harriet Beecher Stowe is one of the great heroines of American history, and Philip McFarland brings her to life in all her glory, in a book at once so dramatic and so subtle that it rivals the best fiction.” —Debby Applegate, author of The Most Famous Man in America: The

Ruby River

by Lynn Pruett

“Classic town gossip, the kind typically served up with strong coffee or sweet iced tea. . . . Pruett is one of those good-natured Southern writers who draw you in with their gentle drawl. . . . What is surprising is the grace with which Pruett orchestrates what, in lesser…

The Holiday Season

by Michael Knight

“Michael Knight has the rare power to make a setting breathe, to invest it with a vitality that seems as authentic and intense as the pulse beats of his characters.” —Jonathan Miles, The New York Times Book Review…

Gould’s Book of Fish

by Richard Flanagan

“What’s memorable–even extraordinary–about this book are Flanagan’s aphoristic talent, his imagination and his uncanny ability to channel the Rabelaisian voices of the great picaresque writers–Fielding, Sterne, Smollet. . . . [Flanagan] remains unique, one of the novel’s most ambitious talents, one whose every book . . . commands our attention.”…

Much Depends On Dinner

by Margaret Visser

“Fascinating . . . Margaret Visser is a gifted informal writer, and these chapters combine a wealth of unusual information with extreme readability. . . . In short, Visser whetted my appetite, and I am hungry for more.” —USA Today…

Killing Pablo

by Mark Bowden

“The story of how U.S. Army Intelligence and Delta Force commandos helped Colombian police track down and kill Pablo Escobar. . . . A compelling, almost Shakespearean tale.” –Los Angeles Times…


by John Keay

“Keay’s panoramic vision and multidisciplinary approach serves the function of all great historical writing. It illuminates the present.” —Thrity Umrigar, The Boston Globe…

The Wonder Test

by Michelle Richmond

New York Times bestselling author Michelle Richmond introduces a tough and spirited new protagonist, FBI Agent Lina Connerly, in this exhilarating race to save Silicon Valley teens from their own parents’ ambition and greed…

Mark Dery

Mark Dery is a cultural critic whose writings on fringe culture and new media have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Wired, The Village Voice, Feed, Salon, and Suck. He edited Flame Wars, a collection of essays on cyberculture, and is the author of Pyrotechnic Insanitarium: American…