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by Samuel Beckett

‘samuel Beckett is one of the great playwrights of our age. . . . As a novelist he is just as important. His novels, like all important works of art, have the stamp of the inevitable on them: they had to be written and, though we suffer reading them, we…

The Perfect Summer

by Juliet Nicolson

“Sharp and rangy. . . . Nicolson sets a lively, theatrical pace and makes good use of recurring characters. . . . [There are] many glittering pieces in Nicolson’s book.” —Thomas Mallon, New York Times Book Review…

Goodbye Tsugumi

by Banana Yoshimoto

“Yoshimoto’s words are considered, and each of them has the weight of a small, perfectly round stone dropped into a still pool. . . . In Tsugumi the author has created one of her most palpable and intriguing characters.” –Jennie Yabroff, San Francisco Chronicle…

A Primitive Heart

by David Rabe

“As the characters play hide-and-seek with themselves, we’re forced to come out of hiding to shift our own positions and philosophy. Rabe has a way of implicating the reader–of creating a near-claustrophobic bond with his restless characters, writing so convincingly that the subtext becomes almost palpable, accruing darkly, like a…

Let’s Put the Future Behind Us

by Jack Womack

“Remarkable . . . Mr. Womack has enmeshed his character in a Moscow landscape as absurd and scary as the phantasmagoric Moscow in Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita. . . . I urge you not to miss this often hilarious but ultimately horrific novel.” –The New York Observer…

Nocturnal Butterflies of the Russian Empire

by José Manuel Prieto

“Precise, gorgeous, and assured.” –Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal…


by Kathleen Winter

Award-winning Canadian author Kathleen Winter’s Annabel is a stunning debut novel about the family of a mixed-gendered child born into a rural hunting community in the 1960s….

The Disappeared

by Kim Echlin

“The familiar tale of star-crossed lovers is revisited with gripping immediacy and compelling freshness in Kim Echlin’s The Disappeared. Writing with sensuality, yearning, and in a voice readers will not soon forget, Ms. Echlin reminds us of the potency of our first loves, and of their enduring ability to shape…

How It Is

by Samuel Beckett

“The absolute sureness of design. . . built phrase by phrase into a beautifully and tightly wrought structure–a few dozen expressions permuted with deliberate redundancy accumulate meaning even as they emptied of it, and offer themselves as points of radiation in a strange web of utter illusion.” –Hugh Kenner…

The Siege

by Helen Dunmore

“The best historical fiction delivers emotional truth through the lives of imaginary but ordinary people, making it possible to feel the texture of events that have been smoothed out by the generalizations of conventional histories. In The Siege, the specific becomes epic as five people huddle in one freezing room…