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The Raw Shark Texts

by Steven Hall

“The Raw Shark Texts is so much more than a clever, playful book, though it is both those things. Steven Hall has worked hard to build on the work of his intellectual ancestors. . . . His writing, description as well as dialogue, is sharp and clear, which is extremely…

Raymond Chandler

by Tom Hiney

“A skillful treatment . . . of the frequently muddled life of the writer who elevated crime fiction to widely acknowledged eminence.” –The New York Times Book Review…


by Alain Robbe-Grillet

Exhibits a sensibility as nervous and contemporary–not to mention witty–as that of any novelist working today. . . . Objects play as dramatic a role in Repetition as do characters. . . . Following the clues of objects and the evolution of their relationships is part of the pleasure ….

St. Petersburg

by Andrey Biely

“There is nothing like a ticking time bomb to supply fictional suspense, and perhaps no other writer has ever used the device more successfully than Andrey Biely in St. Petersburg . . . Author Biely is a crafty storyteller who can keep a reader flipping the pages while whipping up…

The Perfect Summer

by Juliet Nicolson

“Sharp and rangy. . . . Nicolson sets a lively, theatrical pace and makes good use of recurring characters. . . . [There are] many glittering pieces in Nicolson’s book.” —Thomas Mallon, New York Times Book Review…

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

by Jeanette Winterson

“Magnificent . . . A tour de force of literature and love.” —Megan O’Grady, Vogue…

Had a Good Time

by Robert Olen Butler

“All of these stories are told in the first person, but Butler rarely settles for impressing us with his range of vocal effects. He favors strong plots and strong twists. . . . The author more than satisfies us with the book’s tonal variety and unexpected linkages.” —Thomas Mallon, Washington…


by Catherine Millet

“A haunting story of fragile female identity, sexually gained, violently lost.” —The New York Times Book Review…

Goodbye Tsugumi

by Banana Yoshimoto

“Yoshimoto’s words are considered, and each of them has the weight of a small, perfectly round stone dropped into a still pool. . . . In Tsugumi the author has created one of her most palpable and intriguing characters.” –Jennie Yabroff, San Francisco Chronicle…

The Gay Metropolis: 50 Years After Stonewall

…the additional subtitle ‘50 Years After Stonewall,’ is even more essential reading than ever.”—Bay Area Reporter A New York Times Notable Book of the Year and winner of a Lambda Literary Award, The Gay Metropolis is a saga of struggle and triumph that was instantly recognized as one of the…