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Paradise Lust

by Brook Wilensky-Lanford

“Paradise Lust is a pleasure. Wilensky-Lanford tackles her subject with an appealing mix of serious research and tongue-in-cheek humor. Neither too academic nor too…

Neither Snow Nor Rain

by Devin Leonard

Few institutions are as loved, as loathed, and as historically important as the United States Post Office, the subject of this landmark century-spanning social,…

Naked at Lunch

by Mark Haskell Smith

From naked grocery shopping to the Big Nude Boat, a comic novelist turned narrative journalist lays bare the world of the nudist.

A Natural History of Human Emotions

by Stuart Walton

“Historians, anthropologists, and philosophers have long investigated the gamut of human emotions; here their conjectures and influences coalesce. . . . Drawing on a…


by Darrin M. McMahon

“From Herodotus and Aristotle through Locke and Rousseau down to Darwin, Marx and Freud. The musings on happiness of these and dozens of lesser…

The Comedians

by Kliph Nesteroff

An expansive and endlessly entertaining history of stand-up comedy, spanning more than a century from vaudeville through radio, television, the counterculture, and the comedy…

The Book of Gin

by Richard Barnett

“Well-balanced and bracingly smooth, Richard Barnett’s The Book of Gin is equal parts rich and intoxicating narrative mixed with an entertaining and wholly accessible…


by Tina Cassidy

“Well-researched and engaging . . . Birth is a clever, almost irreverent look at an enduring everyday miracle. (A-)” —Entertainment Weekly