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February 2024

In Ascension

by Martin MacInnes


An astonishing novel about a young microbiologist investigating an unfathomable deep vent in the ocean floor, leading her on a journey that will encompass the full trajectory of the cosmos and the passage of a single human life

March 2024

The Dredge

by Brendan Flaherty

In Brendan Flaherty’s debut novel, two estranged brothers must confront the violence of the past when they find out a pond where they played as children will be dredged

March 2024

The Steal

by Mark Bowden and Matthew Teague

“A gripping ground-level narrative…a marvel of reporting.”Washington Post

“A lean, fast-paced and important account of the chaotic final weeks.”—New York Times

In The Steal, veteran journalists Mark Bowden and Matthew Teague offer a week-by-week, state-by-state account of the effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election

March 2024

Heart Sutra

by Yan Lianke

From “China’s foremost literary satirist” (Financial Times) comes a captivating new novel set at a religious training center in Beijing

March 2024

How to Think Like a Woman

by Regan Penaluna

From a bold new voice in nonfiction, an exhilarating account of the lives and works of influential 17th and 18th century feminist philosophers Mary Wollstonecraft and her predecessors who have been written out of history, and a searing look at the author’s experience of patriarchy and sexism in academia

March 2024

Wild Houses

by Colin Barrett

The riotous, raucous and deeply resonant debut novel from “one of the best story writers in the English language today” (Financial TimesWild Houses follows two outsiders caught in the crosshairs of a small-town revenge kidnapping gone awry

March 2024

River Spirit

by Leila Aboulela

The spellbinding new novel from New York Times Notable Author and Caine Prize winner Leila Aboulela about an embattled young woman’s coming of age during the Mahdist War in 19th century Sudan

March 2024

So Shall You Reap

by Donna Leon

In the thirty-second installment of Donna Leon’s bestselling series, a connection to Guido Brunetti’s own youthful past helps solve a mysterious murder

March 2024

The Blues Brothers

by Daniel de Visé

The story of the epic friendship between John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, the golden era of improv, and the making of a comedic film classic that helped shape our popular culture

March 2024

The Possessed

by Witold Gombrowicz

From “a master of verbal burlesque [and] a connoisseur of psychological blackmail” (John Updike), Witold Gombrowicz’s harrowing and hilarious pastiche of the Gothic novel, now in a new, authoritative English translation

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April 2024

I Cheerfully Refuse

by Leif Enger

A career defining tour-de-force from New York Times bestselling, award-winning and “formidably gifted” (Chicago Tribune) novelist Leif Enger.

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April 2024

Don’t Turn Around

by Harry Dolan

The police call him Merkury. He’s a killer who seems to choose his victims at random. He leaves no evidence behind, and no witnesses. Except for one. But what did she really see?

April 2024

Enter Ghost

by Isabella Hammad

A bold, evocative new novel from the Sue Kaufman, Betty Trask and Plimpton Prize Award winner Isabella Hammad that follows actress Sonia as she returns to Palestine and takes a role in a West Bank production of Hamlet

April 2024


by Alexandra Fuller

From the award-winning New York Times-bestselling author of Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight, Alexandra Fuller, comes a career defining memoir about grieving the sudden loss of her twenty-one-year-old child

April 2024

Moscow Exile

by John Lawton

From “quite possibly the best historical novelist we have” (Philadelphia Inquirer), the fourth Joe Wilderness spy thriller, moving from Red Scare-era Washington, D.C. to a KGB prison near Moscow’s Kremlin

April 2024

Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth I

by Tracy Borman

Anne Boleyn may be best known for losing her head, but as Tudor expert Tracy Borman reveals in a book that recasts British history, her greatest legacy lies in the path-breaking reign of her daughter, Elizabeth

April 2024

Life Sentence

by Mark Bowden

In this unprecedented deep dive into inner-city gang life, Mark Bowden takes readers inside a Baltimore gang, offers an in-depth portrait of its notorious leader, and chronicles the 2016 FBI investigation that landed eight gang members in prison

May 2024

The Unvanquished

by Patrick K. O’Donnell

From the bestselling author of The Indispensables, the unknown and dramatic story of irregular guerrilla warfare that altered the course of the Civil War and inspired the origins of America’s modern special operations forces

May 2024

The Blue Maiden

by Anna Noyes

From the author of Indie Next Pick and New York Times Editor’s Choice Goodnight, Beautiful Women comes a transportive and chilling debut novel of two sisters growing up on an isolated Northern European island in the shadow of their late mother and the Devil.

May 2024

The Devil’s Best Trick

by Randall Sullivan

Part true crime story, part religious and literary history, an investigation into the nature of evil and the figure of the Devil by acclaimed journalist Randall Sullivan

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May 2024

The Great State of West Florida

by Kent Wascom

From the beloved author previously compared to Cormac McCarthy and Joyce Carol Oates (Washington Post), a startling and unconventional neon-pink Western of vengeance, family, and first love as two warring factions vie for control of a blood-soaked Gulf Coast

May 2024

Return to Blood

by Michael Bennett

From the author of Better the Blood, the gripping second novel in a crime series starring Māori detective Hana Westerman, in which the discovery of human bones in the dunes of New Zealand upends a long-ago murder conviction

May 2024

Orphan Bachelors

by Fae Myenne Ng

From the bestselling and award-winning author of the novels Bone and Steer Toward Rock, Fae Myenne Ng’s Orphan Bachelors is an extraordinary memoir of her beloved San Francisco’s Chinatown and of a family building a life in a country bent on their exclusion

June 2024

Holy City

by Henry Wise

Holy City is an amazing piece of work. A Southern novel that examines the pathos and ethos of small-town life and the weight of both grief and hatred. Love it.”—S.A. Cosby 

No one innocent. No one free. Nothing sacred.

Holy City is the captivating debut from Henry Wise about a deputy sheriff who must work alongside an unpredictable private detective after he finds himself on the outs from his sheriff’s department over his unwillingness to look the other way when an innocent man is arrested for murder.

June 2024

Burma ’44

by James Holland

Celebrated historian of World War II James Holland chronicles the astonishing Allied victory at the Battle of the Admin Box in Burma (now Myanmar), a turning point of the war in the Far East

June 2024


by James Lee Burke

In the latest installment in his famous Detective Dave Robicheaux series, New York Times bestselling author James Lee Burke brings Dave’s partner and friend Clete Purcel to the forefront for the first time as Clete and Dave attempt to stop ruthless smugglers of a dangerous new drug

July 2024

A Refiner’s Fire

by Donna Leon

In the thirty-third installment of Donna Leon’s magnificent series, Commissario Guido Brunetti confronts a present-day Venetian menace and the ghosts of a heroism that never was

July 2024

What the Wild Sea Can Be

by Helen Scales

The acclaimed marine biologist and author of The Brilliant Abyss examines the existential threats the world’s ocean will face in the coming decades and offers cautious optimism for much of the abundant life within it

July 2024

The Son of Man

by Jean-Baptiste Del Amo

From the author of the “extraordinary” Animalia (Sunday Times), winner of the Republic of Consciousness Prize and finalist for the Lambda Literary Award and Best Translated Book Award, a blazing new novel exploring nature, family, and violence, set on a hostile and glorious mountainside haunted by transgressions of the past

July 2024

The Wrong Hands

by Mark Billingham

This is one case Detective Miller won’t want to open . . .

The second rip-roaring mystery from multi-award-winning international bestseller Mark Billingham starring Detective Miller: unique, unconventional, and criminally underestimated…

August 2024

A World of Hurt

by Mindy Mejia

When someone dies to save your life, how do you ever forgive them?

A World of Hurt is Mindy Mejia’s highly-anticipated follow-up to the “propulsive” USA Today bestselling thriller To Catch a Storm where an Iowa City police officer and a DEA informant must work together to hunt down the remains of a hidden drug empire.

August 2024

Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea

by Gary Kinder

“A marvelous tale, with generous portions of history, adventure, intrigue, heroism, and high technology interwoven . . . Gary Kinder has the skill to put it all together, and luckily for us, we get to read it.” —Los Angeles Times

August 2024

Medusa of the Roses

by Navid Sinaki

Sex, vengeance, and betrayal in modern day Tehran—Navid Sinaki’s bold and cinematic debut is a queer literary noir following Anjir, a morbid romantic and petty thief whose boyfriend disappears just as they’re planning to leave their hometown for good

August 2024

In France Profound

by T.D. Allman

From the National Book Award-longlisted author of Finding Florida, a sparkling, sweeping chronicle of the author’s life and discoveries in a town in “Deep France,” from nearby prehistoric caves to medieval dynastic struggles to the colorful characters populating the area today

August 2024

Interpretations of Love

by Jane Campbell

A profound debut novel that explores complicated love, secrets, and familial misunderstandings from the celebrated octogenarian author of the “trail-blazing” (Oprah Daily) collection Cat Brushing

August 2024

Devil in the Stack

by Andrew Smith

From internationally-bestselling author and journalist Andrew Smith, an immersive, alarming, sharp-eyed journey into the bizarre world of computer code, told through his sometimes painful, often amusing attempt to become a coder himself

September 2024

Land Between the Rivers

by Bartle Bull

The epic, five millennia history of the region between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers that was the birthplace of civilization and remains today the essential crossroads between East and West

September 2024

Frighten the Horses

by Oliver Radclyffe

A textured, sharply written memoir about coming of age in the fourth decade of one’s life and embracing one’s truest self in a world that demands gender fit in neat boxes

October 2024

Shred Sisters

by Betsy Lerner

No one will love you or hurt you more than a sister.

“I love this book. It moves like a souped-up pickup truck.”—Patti Smith, author of Just Kids

From Betsy Lerner, celebrated author of The Bridge Ladies, comes a wry and riveting debut novel about family, mental illness, and a hard-won path between two sisters

October 2024

Blue Light Hours

by Bruna Dantas Lobato

One of Electric Literature’s “75 Books by Women of Color to Read in 2024”

From the National Book Award-winning translator, an atmospheric and wise debut novel of a young Brazilian woman’s first year in America, a continent away from her lonely mother, and the relationship they build over Skype calls across borders

“Utterly beautiful . . . The yearning in these pages will haunt me.”—Ayşegül Savaş, author of White on White