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October 2023

Freeman’s: Conclusions

by John Freeman

March 2023

Mexico City Blues

by Jack Kerouac

March 2022

Fernando Pessoa & Co.

by Fernando Pessoa

September 2019


by Eileen Myles

February 2019

Love Had a Compass

by Robert Lax

February 2017

Shaler’s Fish

by Helen Macdonald

February 2017

Wait Till I’m Dead

by Allen Ginsberg

October 2016

Erratic Facts

by Kay Ryan

February 2016


by Amiri Baraka

November 2015

Singing at the Gates

by Jimmy Santiago Baca

July 2015

The End of the Alphabet

by Claudia Rankine

January 2015

O, What a Luxury

by Garrison Keillor

November 2014

The Collected Poems of Samuel Beckett

by Samuel Beckett

December 2012

The Vulture

by Gil Scott-Heron

December 2012

The Nigger Factory

by Gil Scott-Heron

April 2011

The Best of It

by Kay Ryan

May 2010


by Terry McDonell

January 2009

A Night Out with Robert Burns

by Robert Burns

January 2008

Poet in New York

by Federico García Lorca

June 2007

Long Live a Hunger to Feed Each Other

by Jerome Badanes

November 2005

The Niagara River

by Kay Ryan

April 2005


by Neil Azevedo

November 2004

The Eye Like a Strange Balloon

by Mary Jo Bang

April 2004

March Book

by Jesse Ball

March 2004

Little Savage

by Emily Fragos

October 2003

The White Eyelash

by Susan Kinsolving

January 2003

Twenty-Seven Props for a Production of Eine Lebenszeit

by Timothy Donnelly

January 2003

The Unraveling Strangeness

by Bruce Weigl

October 2002

Mount Clutter

by Sarah Lindsay

October 2002

C-Train and Thirteen Mexicans

by Jimmy Santiago Baca

May 2002

Rain on the River

by Jim Dodge

April 2002

The Mill Is Burning

by Richard Matthews

March 2002


by Marc Woodworth

September 2001

A Short History of Snakes

by Alan Jenkins

September 2001


by Honor Moore

July 2001

Various Voices

by Harold Pinter

July 2001

Healing Earthquakes

by Jimmy Santiago Baca

April 2001


by Claudia Rankine

January 2001

Louise in Love

by Mary Jo Bang

September 2000

Say Uncle

by Kay Ryan