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April 2024

Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth I

by Tracy Borman

December 2023

The Real Inspector Hound and Other Plays

by Tom Stoppard

November 2023

The Devil That Danced on the Water

by Aminatta Forna

February 2023

Still Writing

by Dani Shapiro

February 2022

The Good Girls

by Sonia Faleiro

November 2021

Neither Snow Nor Rain

by Devin Leonard

October 2021

The Wretched of the Earth

by Frantz Fanon

April 2020

The Art of Political Murder

by Francisco Goldman

February 2020

El Norte

by Carrie Gibson

April 2019

Black Hawk Down

by Mark Bowden

January 2019

How to Fix the Future

by Andrew Keen

October 2018

Enemies and Neighbors

by Ian Black

October 2018

The Allies Strike Back, 1941-1943

by James Holland

April 2018

Nineteen Sixty-Eight in America

by Charles Kaiser

April 2018

Hue 1968

by Mark Bowden

February 2018

Killing Pablo

by Mark Bowden

October 2017

Playing Through the Whistle

by S. L. Price

October 2017

The Private Lives of the Tudors

by Tracy Borman

September 2017


by Lloyd Clark

May 2017

The Great Society

by Robert Schenkkan

March 2017

Washington’s Immortals

by Patrick K. O'Donnell

February 2017

The Black Calhouns

by Gail Buckley

January 2017

But You Did Not Come Back

by Marceline Loridan-Ivens

November 2016

The Rise of Germany, 1939-1941

by James Holland

June 2016

First to Fly

by Charles Bracelen Flood

June 2016

Innovative State

by Aneesh Chopra

June 2016

The Kentucky Cycle

by Robert Schenkkan

June 2016

Eccentric Orbits

by John Bloom

April 2016

1941: Fighting the Shadow War

by Marc Wortman

March 2016

Liberty’s First Crisis

by Charles Slack

February 2016

Jam on the Vine

by LaShonda Barnett

February 2016


by Amiri Baraka

January 2016

The Devil Is Here in These Hills

by James Green

November 2015

Empire’s Crossroads

by Carrie Gibson

October 2015

Leningrad: Siege and Symphony

by Brian Moynahan

August 2015

Selected Works

by Terrence McNally

July 2015

Liberty’s Torch

by Elizabeth Mitchell

July 2015

The End of the Alphabet

by Claudia Rankine

June 2015

Shakespeare in Love

by Tom Stoppard

June 2015

The Trigger

by Tim Butcher