Black Cat

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August 2018

Don’t Send Flowers

by Martin Solares

June 2018


by Mark Haskell Smith

May 2018

Night Beast

by Ruth Joffre

March 2018

The Red Word

by Sarah Henstra

February 2018

Hotel Silence

by Audur Ava Olafsdottir

December 2017

The Years, Months, Days

by Yan Lianke

August 2017

Brave Deeds

by David Abrams

June 2017

Disasters in the First World

by Olivia Clare

March 2017

Bright Air Black

by David Vann

February 2017

The White City

by Karolina Ramqvist

January 2017

The Borrowed

by Chan Ho-Kei

November 2016


by Katharine Noel

October 2016


by Molly Brodak

September 2016


by Mohed Altrad

July 2016


by Bonnie Nadzam

May 2016

Born on a Tuesday

by Elnathan John

March 2016


by Michelle Hoover

February 2016

The Iceberg

by Marion Coutts

January 2016

The Core of the Sun

by Johanna Sinisalo

November 2015

The Man Who Spoke Snakish

by Andrus Kivirahk

September 2015

Nein. A Manifesto

by Eric Jarosinski

March 2015

Young Skins

by Colin Barrett

January 2015


by Frances Itani

January 2015

White Man’s Problems

by Kevin Morris

December 2014

Butterflies in November

by Audur Ava Olafsdottir

October 2014

Straight White Male

by John Niven

September 2014

Black Dance

by Nancy Huston

June 2014

The Antiquarian

by Gustavo Faveron Patriau

May 2014

An Untamed State

by Roxane Gay

April 2014

The Marrying of Chani Kaufman

by Eve Harris

February 2014

The Devil I Know

by Claire Kilroy

December 2013


by Mark Haskell Smith

August 2013

Let the Games Begin

by Niccolo Ammaniti

May 2013


by Charlotte Roche

March 2013

Our Frail Blood

by Peter Nathaniel Malae

January 2013

Sleep Talkin’ Man

by Karen Slavick-Lennard

January 2013

Encyclopedia of a Life in Russia

by Jose Manuel Prieto

September 2012


by David Abrams

July 2012


by Nancy Huston

March 2012

Beautiful Thing

by Sonia Faleiro