“A master of verbal burlesque, a connoisseur of psychological blackmail, Gombrowicz is one of the profoundest late moderns, with one of the lightest touches.” —John Updike

“Probably the most important 20th-century novelist most Western readers have never heard of.” —Benjamin Paloff, Words Without Borders

Cosmos is a vicious and uncompromised little gem of the obscene.” —Adam Novy, The Believer

“Borchardt’s graceful, powerful, and inventive translation is a great gift to all lovers of Witold Gombrowicz’s quirky prose.” —Jaroslaw Anders on Cosmos

“[Cosmos] will hold special appeal for fans of Camus’ The Stranger. In this deft new translation, Cosmos, reveals itself as a challenging but important work.” —Frank Sennett, Booklist (starred review)

Cosmos is a compulsively unsettling philosophical drama veiled as a quotidian mystery. . . . Borchardt’s new English translation conveys a world wrought with an interconnectedness, or perceived interconnectedness, that struggles to understand meaningfully a series of events that defy logical association.” —David Thomas Holmberg, Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature

“[A] sly, funny, absorbing fourth novel and lovingly translated by Danuta Borchardt.” —Neil Gordon, The New York Times Book Review