“Aboulela has a talent for expressing the simple wonders of unbroken faith. Just as deftly, she uncovers the intricacies of how such faith can be challenged—suddenly, subtly.” —Kaiama L. Glover, The New York Times

“Aboulela’s prose is amazing. She handles intense emotions in a contained yet powerful way, lending their expressions directness and originality, and skillfully capturing the discrete sensory impressions that compound to form a mood.” —Kim Hedges, San Francisco Chronicle

“Leila Aboulela is finely attuned to the nuances of cultural difference and her prose glistens with details of those things that define or unmake identity.” —The Sunday Telegraph (UK)

“Aboulela’s refined descriptions reveal intense emotion with staggering restraint, our attention assured with her first words.” —Christine Thomas, Chicago Tribune