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Grove Atlantic is proud to offer robust sales and marketing support to Booksellers and Librarians across the globe. For decades, we’ve been publishing a rich and diverse catalog of thoughtful, boundary-pushing literature that has often helped expand and define the American cultural landscape. We encourage all Booksellers and Librarians to browse the full Grove Atlantic catalog, and to get in touch to let us know ways in which we might better help you serve your community.

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Celebrating National Poetry Month

It’s once again that time of year when poetry lovers ask: Is April really the cruelest month? Not only is spring springing all around us, but it’s National Poetry Month — a time for both re-reading favorite poems and branching out to discover new ones. This year, we’re celebrating with a list of ten poetry...


The Grove Atlantic Influencer Program

At Grove Atlantic, we love putting books in the hands of energetic early readers! Through our Influencer Program, we aim to build community with book lovers and make it easy for influencers to read and review our titles. Want to join? Apply here. Frequently Asked Questions How does it work? To be considered for inclusion...

Reading lists

Celebrating Black History Month

It’s Black History Month! You might be able to guess how we’re celebrating — by reading! Here are ten books worth reading, re-reading, and celebrating — from nonfiction classics that changed the world to hot new historical novels, debut voices to past masters, stories of the American West to narratives of the U.K., Sierra Leone, and...