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Akwaeke Emezi On NPR’s “Weekend Edition”

This weekend, Akwaeke Emezi sat down with NPR's Scott Simon to discuss her debut novel, Freshwater, which Simon describes as "the lyrical, nonlinear story of a woman named Ada, born in Nigeria with, as she puts it, 'one foot on the other side.'" Over the course of this short, illuminating conversation, Emezi, in addition to reading...


Reintroducing Lindsay Gordon, Val McDermid’s “cynical socialist lesbian feminist journalist” heroine

The Lindsay Gordon novels are the series that set internationally bestselling writer Val McDermid on the path to becoming the world-class crime writer she is today, collected into three volumes and now available as Grove Press paperbacks for the first time. In Report for Murder, we meet self-proclaimed “cynical socialist lesbian feminist journalist” Lindsay Gordon—McDermid’s...