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Dad, Daddy, Father, Pops, Papa

This Father's Day we're highlighting six titles that explore fatherhood in all its various forms and with all the love, grief, sacrifice, and joy that comes with this role. From an alternative fiction novel about a father who must fight the forces of evil to a poignant memoir about one woman's unorthodox father and an...

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14 Queer Book Recommendations to Read During Pride

Happy Pride! This month, the LGBTQIA+ community will be celebrating their love and being openly and unapologetically themselves. To join in on the celebration, we are sharing fourteen fiction and nonfiction titles that center queer authors and characters. These stories center the LGBTQIA+ experience both in the U.S. and abroad, whether that’s fighting for equality...

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For Mother’s Day Read Books on Mothers, Motherhood, and More

On Motherhood This Mother’s Day, we’re looking back on eight titles that explore motherhood in all its complexity—joy, grief, sacrifice, love, and everything in between. From sweeping-yet-intimate matrilineal sagas set in Kerala, India, and Ropshitz, Poland, to memoirs of mother-and-daughterhood that are both tender and raw, these eight books show the intensity, diversity, and wonder...