“[Klavan] delivers all the cliff-hangers and hairpin turns that you want from a beat-the-clock suspense thriller. But his characters are so deeply human that there is nothing cheap or manipulative about their desperate maneuvers to escape the relentless second hand of fate.” —The New York Time’s Book Review

“The most original American novelist of crime and suspense since Cornell Woolrich.” —Stephen King

“Klavan does tough-guy heroes and sexual tension better than anyone writing today.” —Janet Evanovich

His characters are vivid and compelling, his observations on the human condition perceptive, and his darkly humorous prose masterful.” —Houston Chronicle

“[Klavan] at his best bows to no one for whiplash plotting and page-whirling suspense.” —Publishers Weekly

“Klavan constantly finds the unexpected opening. He lands every blow and never from where it’s expected.” —Arizona Daily Star