“The idea of entering the adult entertainment industry first appealed to Asa Akira when she was barely legal herself, but she didn’t expect to become one of its top Asian American stars.” —Las Vegas Magazine

“The multitalented porn star Asa Akira’s Twitter has been shared a ton, and now I’m fully obsessed with her. . . . she’s so freaking hilarious that I’d be as into her if she were a comedian and not a porn star, but she wouldn’t be making as much money in comedy because of society . . . funny, but important . . . witty and clever.” —Blisstree.com

“In the past couple years Akira has made her stamp on the business as one of the most
dynamic sexual performers of all time as evidenced by her whopping ten AVN awards at the previous two award ceremonies.” —Peace! Magazine (Canada)

“Asa Akira is on a mission: to improve the sex lives of men and women around the world . . . and if anyone can do it, it’s probably her.” —MaxManGuide.com