“Beauclerk has not only scandalized professors throughout the English departments of the world’s schools and universities, he has thrown down the gauntlet to historians, as well . . . and he has garnered supporters in this long-simmering debate.” —John Robinson, The Boston Globe

“Charles Beauclerk is an engaging, learned, and engrossing speaker. On the subject of Shakespeare, they don’t come any better.” —William F. Buckley Jr.

“[The authorship question] stands as one of the great undiscovered lands of Shakespearean research, full of resounding insights into the plays we love so well . . . Charles Beauclerk must be one of the most learned speakers on the Earl of Oxford. He is passionate and gracious about his subject.” —Mark Rylance, First Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

“Charles Beauclerk is eloquent and persuasive in his defense of the thesis that the Earl of Oxford wrote the works of William Shakespeare.” —Ambassador Paul H. Nitze, The Nitze School, Johns Hokins University