“Durang is manic and heartbroken; in other words, he’s a comedian whose fury takes the form of farce.” —John Lahr, The New Yorker

“Mr. Durang is one of our theater’s brightest hopes . . . . From satire to farce, farce to satire, Mr. Durang keeps laughter bubbling under our disgust, and sorrow nudging up against our laughter.” —Wall Street Journal

“Christopher Durang, our Poet Laureate of the Absurd . . . is Jonathan Swift’s nicer, younger brother.” —John Heilpern, The New York Observer

“Christopher Durang . . . is one of the funniest dramatists alive, and one of the most sharply satiric. . . . Durang has rarely written anything funnier or more serious . . . . [He] has perfected the art of turning bitterness into comedy without losing his edge.” —Edith Oliver, The New Yorker

“Durang’s plays . . . depend partly upon his fantastications of language which pour out like a stream of unconsciousness, and also the sheer bizarre nature of his mind. He challenges us to think the unthinkable and laugh at it.” —Clive Barnes, New York Post

“One of the funniest and . . . most malevolent writers in the American theater.” —Mel Gussow, The New York Times

“His special knack [is] for wrapping life’s horrors in the primary colors of absurdist comedy,” —Frank Rich, The New York Times