“An artist. He takes us someplace darker, older, more powerful than the daylit world.” —New York Times

“A writer to read and reread. A man to watch carefully.” —Economist

“Like Melville, Faulkner, and McCarthy, Vann is already one of the great ones of American literature.” —ABC (Spain)

“Vann’s prose follows the sinews of Cormac McCarthy and Hemingway, yet has its own nimble flex.” —Times (UK)

“Writes with a poetry born of connectedness, of deep observation.” —Boston Globe

“Stunning—heart-wrenching and gorgeous . . . I’ve not seen more careful and luminous art.” —Lorrie Moore

“David Vann’s fiction is filled with silence, yet it hums and howls . . . Mr. Vann crafts his universe with brilliantly precise prose that is biblical in its allusions and unflinching in its gaze.” —Wall Street Journal

“His work speaks with an understanding of the unconscionable.” —Washington Post Book World

“Words and ideas seem almost dangerous in his hands and yet his work is full of heart . . . the definition of perfection in fiction.” —New Statesman

“He has an absolutely superb writing style, as fluid as it is precise.” —Dagbladet (Norway)

“Compared to David Vann, Hemingway is a sugary writer.” —De Pers (Netherlands)

“A forceful, potent writer.” —Guardian

“Easily one of the most exciting writers of the past decade.” —BookPage

“At once the most timely and timeless of writers.” —Robert Olen Butler