“Deford’s cred is incredible, his accolades deserved . . . [Deford] has long been the genuine article.”
Los Angeles Times

“Frank Deford is the best sportswriter I’ve ever read . . . If there’s a Mount Rushmore of sportswriting, Deford is up there, purple ties and all.”
—Tony Kornheiser

“Of all the magazine writers of the last half-century, Frank Deford holds a special place
at the top . . . Not very bright, someone said of him long ago at Princeton, and it was true
—he has been brilliant instead.”
—David Maraniss

“Deford . . . writes with more graceful good humor than any man I know.”
—Richard Ben Cramer

“The world’s greatest sportswriter.”

“The Secretary of Sport in the nation’s Cabinet of Letters . . . an unmatched interpreter of games and the people who play them.”
—Nicholas Dawidoff

“Frank Deford writes the kind of sentences you fi nd yourself rereading for the sheer pleasure of it.”
—Jim Bouton

“One of the greatest writers of our time.”
Billie Jean King

“Deford . . . hasn’t lost a thing on his literary fastball and is one of the best at humanizing sports that are driven by statistics.”
—Sean Smith, The Boston Globe

“Deford . . . is the handsome, swashbuckling man of sports journalism . . . He has been issuing perhaps the greatest writing the realm has known.”
Chicago Sun-Times