“One of the masterly comic writers of the twentieth century.”—Wall Street Journal

“A novelistic gallop through history and imagination . . . Fraser can easily juggle Conan Doyle and Holmes, Fleming and Bond, Wodehouse and Wooster, and Chandler and Marlowe.”
Vanity Fair

“A master of hijinks, an unabashedly nostalgic fan of dueling adventure and boudoir romance, a knowledgeable, witty and ebullient ransacker of historical fiction.”
New York Times Book Review

“Reading Fraser’s twelve Flashman books is one of the great joys of possessing eyes.”—Time

“Next to the coming of the new Messiah, the most welcome appearance one can imagine
is the new Flashman book from George MacDonald Fraser.”—Time Out

“Magnificent . . . The delights of these novels cannot be overstated. In addition
to their literary verve . . . the wealth of historical information packed into each book
offers a hugely entertaining bit of education.”—San Francisco Chronicle

The Flashman Papers do what all great sagas do—winning new admirers along the way but never, ever betraying old ones. It is an immense achievement.”—Sunday Telegraph (UK)