“She’s phenomenal. . . . When you encounter a mind like Holly Hughes, it wakes you up.”—Tony Kushner

“One of the most insightful, funny and entertaining storytellers around.”—Chicago Tribune

“With astonishing economy of means, the writer/performer gives us a tour of the psychic swamps of home, the wasteland of pop homophobia and the high reaches of lesbian passion. Five years after the NEA made her a household word, the wild `n’ crazy performance artist is looking more like a National Living Treasure.”—The Bay Area Reporter

“Hughes scrapes away decades of encrusted decorum from a subject (female sexuality) that is too often treated with a hushed sentimentality.”—The New York Times

“She strips down to her psyche . . . . Rarely have we been treated to a sharper nose for pleasure and a keener ambition to seize it.”—Ms.