“Rechy shows great comic and tragic talent. He is truly a gifted novelist.” —Christopher Isherwood

“His tone rings absolutely true, is absolutely his own, and he has the kind of discipline which allows him a rare and beautiful recklessness. He tells the truth, and tells it with such passion that we are forced to share in the life he conveys. This is a most humbling and liberating achievement.” —James Baldwin

“Fresh, beautiful, totally courageous_and totally cool, passionate. . . . His uncompromising honesty as a gay writer has provoked as much fear as admiration. . . . John Rechy doesn’t fit into categories. He transcends them. His individual vision is unique, perfect, loving and strong.” —Carolyn See

“One of the heroic figures of contemporary American life . . . a touchstone of moral integrity and artistic innovation. He is the great champion of desire. . . . In his endlessly inventive style, he is entirely modern.” —Edmund White

“What John Rechy has given us for more than thirty years is a wonderful and terrifying gift. . . . He has given us life and literature.” —Michael Bronski

“The country’s most important author on homosexual life in America.” —Gerald Fraser, The New York Times

“The cartographer of homosexual abandon . . . [Rechy] has spent his life excavating the cracks at the periphery of American culture, feeling his way toward that place within each of us where the ecstatic teeters on the edge of psychic abyss . . . A substantial artist.” —Frank Browning, Salon

“Rechy’s writings are carefully conceived and executed, with as much emphasis on symbolism and structure as on developing characters and delineating settings specific to gay culture.” —Jameson Currier, New York Blade News