“It’s Joseph Wambaugh’s world. Other crime writers just live in it.”
—Jonathan Shapiro, Los Angeles Times

“An absurdist take on crime, as well as plotlines and sentences that perform buoyant loop-de-loops all over the page before making fl awless landings . . . What fun it is to read Joseph Wambaugh!”
—The Washington Post

“A cop’s-eye view of police brutality . . . courage and compassion.”
The New York Times

“Captures the excitement, terror, pity, and occasional tedium of police work in a bang-up job of writing.”
The Boston Globe

“If Los Angeles police detective-sergeant-turned-author Joseph Wambaugh didn’t invent the modern cop novel, he’s been one of its most prolifi c and successful practitioners.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“No writer describes the cop world’s twin masks of comedy and tragedy as well as Joseph Wambaugh.”
—The Philadelphia Inquirer