“Medina has a prose style as clear and fresh as a newly split mango.”
Houston Chronicle on Exiled Memories: A Cuban Childhood

“Delicious, astute, darkly funny.”
The New York Times Book Review on The Return of Felix Nogara

“Medina’s clean, honest prose can break your heart.”
–Frederick Busch, author of The Mutual Friend on The Return of Felix Nogara

“An evocative novel . . . Lyrical and stylish, this is a fine example of magical realism in the vein of Rudolfo Anaya and Gabriel García Márquez.”
Kirkus Reviews on The Marks of Birth

Praise for The Return of Felix Nogara by Pablo Medina:

“A searching and lyrical novel”
The Washington Post Book World

“Medina serves up his most ambitious and darkest work to date . . . a moving portrait of a man forever exiled from his heritage.”
Publishers Weekly

“A beautifully written tale that is human, humorous, and full of insight.”
Library Journal

“Medina’s satirical vision-funny, bleak, melancholy, and wise both about human beings and history-takes one’s breath away.”
–Jaime Manrique, author of Twilight at the Equator

“A beautifully-written novel of great imagination and depth . . . one book you will come back to time and time again.”
–James Welch, author of Winter in the Blood

Praise for The Marks of Birth by Pablo Medina:

“Beautiful images are woven seamlessly into the prose, giving further evidence of [Medina’s] lyrical gifts. [He] is best in evoking the lost world of life before the Revolution and, later, the melancholy of dislocation.”
Library Journal

“Warm up the cafetera on your stove and sit back with Medina’s subtle and effective voice.”
The Washington Post

Praise for Exiled Memories: A Cuban Childhood by Pablo Medina:

“He writes from the heart . . . Medina’s style is filled with telling detail and humorous, insightful anecdotes.”
Library Journal