“Theroux has established himself in the tradition of Conrad, or perhaps Somerset Maugham.”
—The New York Times Book Review

“What makes Paul Theroux so good is what always separates the fine writers from the pack: his ability to look at the familiar in a fresh, original way—and make us richer for it.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Reading Theroux becomes a journey of the unexpected, the comedic, the bureaucratically tangled and the marvelous. I t is like all good journeys should be.”
—The Plain Dealer

“Theroux is an irresistible storyteller, able to hook you with his first few lines. He dazzles not just with the number of places he writes about but the number he can evoke as if they were home.”
Chicago Tribune

“Sparkling prose. . . Even the quietist moments come alive on the page.”
—Newsday on Dark Star Safari

“Stylistically elegant and sardonic.” —Newsweek on The Great Railway Bazaar

“An entertaining, eccentric railroad journey through Asia, with the author a consistently amusing, crotchety traveling companion.” —The New York Times on The Great Railway Bazaar