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Adam Resurrected

by Yoram Kaniuk Translated from Hebrew by Seymour Simckes

“Yoram Kaniuk is one of the most innovative, brilliant novelists in the Western World.” –The New York Times

  • Imprint Grove Paperback
  • Page Count 384
  • Publication Date June 05, 2000
  • ISBN-13 978-0-8021-3689-3
  • Dimensions 5.5" x 8.25"
  • US List Price $15.00

About The Book

One of the most powerful works of Holocaust fiction ever written, Adam Resurrected is now a major motion picture starring Jeff Goldblum and Willem Dafoe. Adam Stein, a former circus clown who was spared the gas chamber so that he might entertain thousands of other Jews as they marched to their deaths, is now the ringleader at an asylum in the Negev desert, populated solely by Holocaust survivors. Alternately more brilliant than the doctors and more insane than any of the patients, Adam struggles wildly to make sense of a world in which the line has been irreversibly blurred between sanity and madness. With the biting irony of Catch-22, the intellectual vigor of Saul Bellow, and the pathos and humanity that are Kaniuk’s hallmarks, Adam Resurrected offers a vision of a modern hell that devastates even as it inches toward redemption.

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“Yoram Kaniuk is one of the most innovative, brilliant novelists in the Western World.” –The New York Times

“Of the novelists I have discovered in translation . . . the three for whom I have the greatest admiration are Gabriel Garc”a M”rquez, Peter Handke, and Yoram Kaniuk.” –Susan Sontag

“A masterpiece of inventiveness, compassion, and stylistic virtuosity.” –Jewish Spectator

“Whether it is due to the originality of his broken style, or the sensitivity of his characters–the men and women imprisoned by their angels and demons–or his implacable lucidity, Kaniuk must be considered one of the great writers of our time.” –Le Monde

“[A] dark yet compelling novel.” –Simon Shaw, Irish Mail on Sunday

“[A] big ambitious novel about Israel, with a rich cast of eccentric characters . . . Full of the 1960s fascination with madness, rebellion, and anti-psychiatry. . . . It is a mad world where maybe the mad are the most sane. . . . Dark, complex.” –David Herman, Jewish Chronicle (UK)