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An Anthology

by David Seybold Edited by David Seybold

“Write your name all over the endpapers first. This anthology is a definite keeper.” –San Diego Tribune

  • Imprint Atlantic Monthly Press
  • Page Count 336
  • Publication Date April 18, 1997
  • ISBN-13 978-0-8711-3677-0
  • Dimensions 6" x 9"
  • US List Price $14.00

About The Book

This diverse and captivating anthology presents twenty-seven stories, essays, and poems by some of today’s most prominent authors, including Raymond Carver, Annie Dillard, E. Annie Proulx, Peter Matthiessen, Tim Cahill, Barbara Lloyd, Geoffrey Wolff, and Rick Bass.

From icebreakers on Lake Michigan to the twelve-meter yachts of America’s Cup, Boats: An Anthology covers a wide geographical and emotional spectrum and will appeal equally to boating aficionados, lovers of contemporary literature, and anyone who has ever enjoyed an afternoon on the water.


John N. Cole, ‘my Last Boat”
Geoffrey Wolff, “In a Fog”
E. Annie Proulx, “Collector”
John B. Putnam, “Voyage”
Peter Matthiessen, “The Making of an Adventure”
Louis D. Rubin, Jr., “The First Boat”
Goeffrey Norman, “A Good Working Boat”
Annie Dillard, “The Ship in a Bottle”
Tess Gallagher, “Boat Ride”
Allen Planz, “Riprap
John Hersey, “The Captain”
Charles Gaines, “Lessons’
Robert F. Jones, “Worse Things Happen at Sea”
David Seybold, “Sea Change”
Rick Bass, “The Wait”
Barbara Lloyd, “Sailing at an Elbow’s Length”
James Kilgo, “Taken by Storm”
Dan Gerber, “Seas of Sweet Water”
Raymond Carver, ‘my Boat”
Robert Silverberg, “Greenhouse Days on the High Seas’
Tim Cahill, “Layover”
Rip Torn, with J. T. Glisson, “Bull Gator
Suzanne Kehde, “Loose Ends”
John Skow, “Rapidly Down the St. John”
David Ewing Duncan, “A Decent Night’s Sleep”
Ron Rau, “For Sale: The Jäger
Joseph McElroy, “Canoe Repair”


“Write your name all over the endpapers first. This anthology is a definite keeper.” –San Diego Tribune

“Here is a beautifully written book to be appreciated by old salts and landlubbers alike. There are many moods and feelings here, conveying to the reader humor, terror, calm, joy, beauty–all the seductions of the sea.” –Parade

“Seybold floats an armada of big-name authors in this classy anthology. . . . Engaging and fresh.” –Kirkus Reviews

“The editor has definitely not created merely a sentimental anthology of stories about pleasure boaters . . . Truly a one-of-a-kind collection featuring all the variety of . . . sea voyage.” –Booklist