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Booked for Murder and Hostage to Murder

Lindsay Gordon Mysteries #5 and #6

by Val McDermid
  • Imprint Grove Paperback
  • Page Count 544
  • Publication Date March 20, 2018
  • ISBN-13 978-0-8021-2778-5
  • Dimensions 5.5" x 8.25"
  • US List Price $17.00

About the Book

The Lindsay Gordon novels are the series that set internationally bestselling writer Val McDermid on the path to becoming the world-class crime writer she is today, collected into three volumes and now available as Grove Press paperbacks for the first time. In Report for Murder, we meet self-proclaimed “cynical socialist lesbian feminist journalist” Lindsay Gordon—McDermid’s pioneering character—as she investigates the vicious murder of the headliner at a fundraising gala who is found garroted with her own cello strings. These books take Lindsay from a murder at a women’s protest for which Lindsay’s former lover is the chief suspect; to the death of a union boss for which Lindsay must prove her innocence; with stops along the way in the buzzy journalism world and the seething rivalries of London publishing; and all the way to St. Petersburg to retrieve the kidnapped son of a local car dealer. Longtime fans will be delighted to see the Lindsay Gordon series back in print, and for readers who have never encountered McDermid before, these books are a thrilling introduction to “Britain’s Queen of Crime” (Times, UK).

Praise for Val McMermid’s Lindsay Gordon series  

“A timeless mystery, well-plotted with crisp dialogue and solid characterization.”—Orlando Sun-Sentinel on Report for Murder 

“There’s a vividness and energy to this tale that makes it satisfying and convincing.”—The Washington Post on Booked for Murder  

“Val McDermid is an inspiration.”—Herald (Scotland) on Common Murder  

“Her real skills in creating compelling characters, as well as a mystery that is profoundly twisted and filled with enough legitimate red herrings to stock Fisherman’s Wharf, blossom in this dark, chilling novel.”—Bay Area Reporter on Final Edition  

“A wonderful read—thrilling, scary and funny.”—Evening Standard (UK) on Union Jack  

“The writing is tough and colourful, the scene setting excellent.”—Times Literary Supplement (UK) on Booked for Murder  

“McDermid’s snappy, often comic prose keeps the story humming.”—Publishers Weekly on Common Murder 

“The macho world of the whodunnit has never seen a sleuth like Lindsay Gordon.”—Manchester Evening News (UK) on Booked for Murder 

“Neatly constructed and splendidly sarcastic about the circus of union politics.”—Daily Telegraph (UK) on Union Jack 

“Full marks for plot, atmosphere, character, dialogue, politics, humour—Oh hell, full marks for just about everything. I don’t know how Val does it, but I’m bloody glad she does.”—Crime Time on Booked for Murder