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Search and Destroy

by Howard Korder

“Arresting and real.” –Sylvie Drake, Los Angeles Times

  • Imprint Grove Paperback
  • Publication Date February 01, 1992
  • ISBN-13 978-0-8021-3274-1
  • US List Price $9.95

About The Book

Howard Korder has long been admired by David Mamet and has been frequently compared to both Mamet and David Hare. With Search and Destroy, Korder’s voice—as noted by San Francisco Chronicle drama critic Bernard Weiner—emerges distinctly enough to make us sit up and take notice.”

In Search and Destroy, Korder introduces us to aspiring movie producer Martin Mirkheim, a befuddled dreamer whose plans for lunching on the fine fare of Hollywood meet endless ruthless challenges from cold-hearted IRS agents, hard-hearted women, and a heartbreaking bank account. But in the book Daniel Strong—a mind-expanding tale of a young man who, having killed his father, discovers the pathway to hope, power, and material gain—Mirkheim believes he has found primo movie stuff.

Determined to obtain film rights from the book’s author, Dr. Waxling, a late-night-cable-TV guru with the magnetism—and devotees—of an L. Ron Hubbard, Mirkheim sets off on his own rather twisted path to fame and fortune. Candide takes a Faustian turn in this script that Plays International described as ‘deliciously cynical.”


“Teeth-clenching tough . . . bloodcurdling, and totally threatening,” Dramalogue

“It plays like gangbusters.” –Bernard Weiner, San Francisco Chronicle

“Arresting and real.” –Sylvie Drake, Los Angeles Times