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We’re No Angels

With this screenplay David Mamet gives the traditional prison-break story his special blend of gripping suspense, slapdash buffoonery, and ingenious plotting.

Things Change

This screenplay is a humorous burlesque of the American Dream tinged with bitter irony. It is the second film to be directed from his…


“A brilliant black comedy, a dazzling dissection of Hollywood cupidity and another tone poem by our foremost master of the language of moral epilepsy….

A Life in the Theatre

“Though the work has serious undertones, it is, first of all, a comedy–and Mr. Mamet’s language glistens. His writing is a cross between the…

House of Games

“A wonderfully devious comedy. . . . Mr. Mamet . . . makes a fine, completely self-assured debut . . .” –Vincent Canby, The…


“Mamet’s crisp storytelling, his wonderfully heightened language, and his rich ambiguities come together in this disturbing, provocative tale we haven’t seen on screen before.”…