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What Comes Next

“Katzenbach’s wonderful, tense narrative flows effortlessly, drawing you deeper and deeper into a chilling atmosphere of evil, darkness, and shadows.” —The Miami Herald

Red 1-2-3

“No one portrays the mind of a sociopathic killer better than John Katzenbach, in superb form with this psychological thriller, a vivid cat-and-mice game…

Just Cause

“[A] riveting, provocative story . . . The criminal mind, racial bias, journalistic ego, and the flawed fabric of the American criminal justice system…

The Dead Student

Already an international bestseller, a gripping thriller about a recovering alcoholic determined to prove that his uncle’s death was not suicide, but murder.

Day of Reckoning

“A superb exercise in suspense. . . . Katzenbach leavens [the] cat-and-mouse formula with wry social comment and other staples of literary fiction, generally…