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Ivory’s Ghosts

by John Frederick Walker

“[A] tour de force examination of the history of ivory, human kind’s lust for this exquisite treasure, and the demise of the elephant and human decency in the process . . . Walker is a consummate storyteller. . . . A provocative, fascinating and compelling read.” —Georgianne Nienaber, The Huffington…

East Along the Equator

by Helen Winternitz

“It is an excellent account of a dangerous and enlightening trip. We should be grateful to Ms. Winternitz for making this journey. She has…

The Devil That Danced on the Water

by Aminatta Forna

“Powerful. . . . At once impassioned, lucid, and understandably enraged, The Devil That Danced on the Water illuminates the troubled, tragic history of…

Black Hawk Down

by Mark Bowden

“Amazing . . . One of the most intense, visceral reading experiences imaginable. . . . The individual stories are woven together in such a compelling and expert fashion, the narrative flows so seamlessly, that it’s hard to imagine that this is not fiction.” —Michael Maren, The Philadelphia Inquirer…


by Guy Arnold

A landmark modern history of the “dark continent,” its politics, and its peoples.