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Your Name Written on Water

by Irene González Frei

“Intense. . . . The Story of O comes to mind, as do Anaïs Nin’s perfervid fantasies. But Frei’s gritty little sexual story gets…


by Charlotte Roche

“With her jaunty dissection of the sex life and the private grooming habits of the novel’s eighteen-year-old narrator, Helen Memel, Charlotte Roche has turned…

Under the Roofs of Paris

by Henry Miller

“Vintage Miller! . . . In terms of wit and audacity, it is probably his most successful work.” —Terry Southern

The Storm and Other Erotica

by Regine Deforges

“If you are looking for a book that will keep you up at night, you have found it. . . . My only regret…

Seven Against Georgia

by Eduardo Mendicutti

“Mendicutti’s. . . engagingly outrageous series of linked stories features seven flamboyant drag queens. . . . [These] impudent narrators are flashy, sexy, and oodles of fun. . . . Mendicutti’s rowdy prose, translated by Kristina Cordero, is appealingly aphrosisiacal.” –Richard Labonte, In Newsweekly


by Alina Reyes

“With this novel Alina Reyes confirms her place among the greatest contemporary authors of erotic literature.” –Top Femme (Paris)

The Scent of Your Breath

by Melissa P.

“Panarello’s prerogative to write in the fine teenage tradition of bedroom-cured bravado and deep purple prose is left intact… [She] captures the beauty and absurdity…

Night in the Afternoon & Other Erotica

by Caroline Lamarche

“Like the title, which recalls Belle de Jour, might suggest, [Night in the Afternoon] is, but is not merely, a short libertine novel. . . . It is masterful, from…

Meeting the Master

by Elissa Wald

“Elissa Wald, a veteran of what vanilla reviewers call “the S/M scene,” brings new meaning to the term “literary submission.”. . . If you’re…

Love Life

by Zeruya Shalev

“Love Life moves with a naturalness and grace that mirrors life’s complexity, and offers a brutally honest and often brilliant tour of individual and…