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Four Points of the Compass

by Jerry Brotton

From the New York Times bestselling author of A History of the World in 12 Maps, this is the revelatory history of the four cardinal…

Rivers of Blood, Rivers of Gold

by Mark Cocker

“Cocker has written a book on a broad subject, the kind that professional historians too rarely produce. . . . Rivers of Blood, Rivers…

United Nations

by Stanley Meisler

With four new chapters, this updated edition of United Nations: A History completes the story of the UN’s last sixty-five years, its successes and…


by Iain Gately

“Ambitious . . . informative and perceptive . . . Gately has done a great deal of research . . . and has assembled…

A Splendid Exchange

by William J. Bernstein

“[An] entertaining and greatly enlightening book . . . Bernstein is a fine writer and knows how to tell a great story well. . . . He never loses sight of his overall goal: to show how trade shaped the world in the past and will shape the world in…

The Red Flag

by David Priestland

“Hugely ambitious and boldly achieved, The Red Flag explores the roots, perversions, and manifold intellectual and geographic developments of the most dynamic and disruptive…

Open Secrets

by The New York Times Staff

Featuring the complete and updated coverage by The New York Times of WikiLeaks and the confidential documents they released, Open Secrets is a must-read…

Masters of the Word

by William J. Bernstein

From the author of A Splendid Exchange comes a remarkable history of media—from the creation of the alphabet through the invention of the Internet—and…

Love for Sale

by Nils Johan Ringdal

“Contains enough scholarly detail to allow one to employ the “I read Playboy for the articles’ defense.” –Jared Paul Stern, New York Post…

The Last Duel

by James Landale

“All this rich territory is mined by Landale with great brio, and shrewd selection.” –The Times (London)