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by Gary Kinder

“A pioneering work . . . Kinder’s book sparks reflection. And almost screams for more such books, many more.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review

Manson in His Own Words

by Nuel Emmons

“A glimpse of part of the American experience that is rarely described from the inside . . . It compels both interest and horror.”…


by Randall Sullivan

“You don’t have to know anything about any of this to love this book.” —Carolyn See, The Washington Post

Death at the Priory

by James Ruddick

“An impressively researched retelling of a mysterious murder in Victorian England . . . Death at the Priory reads as a historical intervention, crime…

The Art of Political Murder

by Francisco Goldman

“The Art of Political Murder is both a page-turner and a searing indictment of a corrosive brand of politics that has overwhelmed a nation…