“Astonishing . . . Vivid and affecting . . . Wonderfully supple, jazzy.” –The New York Times on The Accidental 

“Spectacular . . . original, restless, formally and morally challenging, [Ali Smith] remains a writer who resists definition.” –The Times Literary Supplement (London) 

“Smith’s well-honed, even obsessive prose gives a feeling of eavesdropping on her characters’ innermost thoughts.” –The New Yorker on The Accidental

“Spellbinding . . . Smith is a dazzling talent, fearlessly lassoing different styles and ideas and playfully manipulating them. . . . Readers may find themselves laughing–in surprise and delight–at the way Smith takes a literary trope and riffs on it until she’s turned it inside out, the way a great jazz musician might.” –The Washington Post on The Accidental

“The heart of Scottish writer Ali Smith may belong to good old-fashioned metaphysics–to truth and beauty and love beyond the grave–but her stylistic sensibility owes its punch to the Modernists. She’s street savvy and poignant at once, with a brutal sense of irony and a wonderful feel for literary economy. There’s a kind of stainless-steel clarity at the center of her fiction.” –The Boston Globe on Hotel World