“Mamet is . . . that rarity, a pure writer, and the synthesis he appears to be making, with echoes from voices as diverse as Beckett, Pinter and Hemingway, is unique and exciting.” —Newsweek

“Mamet’s ear is uncanny. Nobody today has a more flawless gift for reproducing overheard colloquial speech. . . . You leave the theater after a Mamet play and realize it’s exploded in your brain.” —Robert Brustein

“Mr. Mamet [has a] talent for burying layers of meaning into simple, precisely distilled idiomatic language—a talent that can only be compared to Harold Pinter’s.” —Frank Rich, The New York Times

“Mamet has a miraculous ear for the heightened music of American dialect—it makes poetry out of common usage.” —Clive Barnes, The New York Times

“Mamet deserves recognition for his careful, gorgeous, loving sense of language. He has the most acute ear for dialogue of any American writer since J. D. Salinger.” —The Village Voice

“Mamet is a true and exciting original . . . a blaze of talent.” —WCBS-TV

“Pinter. Albee. Miller. They’re all looking over Mamet’s shoulders.” —New York