“One of the greatest chroniclers of the mythical American outlaw life . . . Blake is capable of descriptions as lush and elegaic as anything Cormac McCarthy, to whom he is often compared, has ever written. But his work is more reminiscent of Larry McMurtry’s Western novels—only harsher and bloodier . . . Blake favors straight-talking, unschooled narrators who speak in a vivid, salty vernacular, and his fiction is so readable—so folksy, action-packed, and earthy—it’s easy to miss the fact that it is also, frequently, brilliant.” —Jennifer Reese, Entertainment Weekly

“One of the most original writers in America today and certainly one of the bravest.” —Chicago Sun-Times

“James Carlos Blake is of the Cormac McCarthy/Sam Peckinpah school of storytelling: Make it bloody as hell, but make it beautiful . . . a master of lyric description.” —The Dallas Morning News

“One of the best and most original writers in America today.” —Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Blake’s literary badlands are uniquely his own—crime novels set in well-researched historical settings that manage to avoid crime-fiction clichés.” —GQ

“Blake remains a poet of the damned who writes like an angel.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Blake’s characters are tough, hardscrabble, unsentimental people who too often make bad decisions, and Blake is their patient witness.” —Arizona Daily Star