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The Bones of Wolfe

A Border Noir

by James Carlos Blake

From CWA Goldsboro Gold Dagger Award finalist James Carlos Blake, a gripping new installment follows the Wolfe clan on a search for a long-lost relative that inadvertently becomes tangled with increasingly dangerous characters

  • Imprint The Mysterious Press
  • Page Count 272
  • Publication Date July 07, 2020
  • ISBN-13 978-0-8021-5688-4
  • Dimensions 5.5" x 8.25"
  • US List Price $26.00
  • Imprint The Mysterious Press
  • Publication Date July 07, 2020
  • ISBN-13 978-0-8021-5696-9
  • US List Price $26.00

In the newest Wolfe-family adventure from James Carlos Blake, Rudy and Frank Wolfe are engaging in routine miscellaneous business—some legitimate and some less so—for their family when they stumble upon a stash of high-quality pornographic films in a raid. The plot thickens when their Aunt Catalina, the family matriarch aged 115, recognizes her long-lost sister in one of the young performers. Catalina tasks the boys with tracking the girl down, however improbable a connection may be.

This proves to be no simple task. Soon, Rudy and Frank find themselves moving away from world of porn and towards the upper echelons of the Sinaloa drug cartel, where the mysterious woman has become a particular favorite of the head narco. For their aunt, the woman, and themselves, Frank and Rudy must find a way to get her out without alerting the cartel. A tropical storm complicates their quest, but their sprawling family may save them from this obstacle, too.

Often outrageous and always entertaining, the Wolfes are not to be missed.

Advance Praise for Bones of Wolfe

“Hold on to your hats. The Wolfe family saga continues in Blake’s newest Border Noir… An action-packed story of family loyalties with some surprisingly sentimental undertones.”—Kirkus Reviews

“In the vein of a Thomas Perry caper novel, with plenty of blood. As such, it is never less than thoroughly entertaining.”—Booklist

“Series fans will enjoy this entertaining adventure.”—Publishers Weekly

Praise for James Carlos Blake:

“You must read James Carlos Blake’s books… every page, every paragraph, every book is a gem… A dark, beautiful slice of border noir.”—Bookreporter, on The Ways of Wolfe

The Ways of Wolfe exhibits James Carlos Blake’s hallmark fast-paced, pummeling style… A rewarding, vividly wrought, gripping ride.”—Arizona Daily Star, on The Ways of Wolfe

“James Carlos Blake has long been one of my favorites, but his Wolfe family saga may be his best work to date… Brilliant and uncompromising, Blake again proves why he’s one of the best writers working today.”—Ace Atkins, on The House of Wolfe

“A writer with as many fine and wonderful skills as those possessed by James Carlos Blake should be well-known and embraced.”—Daniel Woodrell, on The House of Wolfe

“Suspenseful… Readers who enjoy action, adventure and lethal weaponry will relish every moment.”—Washington Post, on The Rules of Wolfe

“[Blake] writes of grisly death and violence like a singing Gaelic bard… [A] tough, honed-to-the-bone thriller.”—Dallas Morning News, on The Rules of Wolfe

“A hard-edged, fast-moving thriller that will hold your attention hostage—good luck getting away.”—Booklist (starred review), on The House of Wolfe