Praise for The Hakawati

“Here is absolute beauty. One of the finest novels I’ve read in years.”  —Junot Diaz

“An epic in the oldest and newest senses, careening from the Koran to the Old Testament, Homer to Scheherazade. It’s hard to imagine the person who wouldn’t get carried away.”  —Jonathan Safran Foer

“Absolutely original _ the kind of writing you savor and read aloud. A delightful book.”  —Laila Halaby, The Washington Post

“Stunning.”  —Lorraine Adams, The New York Times Book Review

Praise for Rabih Alameddine

“Rabih Alameddine is one our most daring writers.”  —Michael Chabon

“Rabih Alameddine is a writer of conscience, of self-consciousness, of subconsciousness, of the great big global unconscious.” —Amy Tan