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A String of Beads

by Thomas Perry

The eighth breakneck thriller featuring Jane Whitefield, described by the Wall Street Journal as “the sort of protagonist most crime novelists would kill for,” A String of Beads shows Whitefield undertaking a dangerous mission for her Seneca people.

  • Imprint The Mysterious Press
  • Page Count 400
  • Publication Date December 01, 2015
  • ISBN-13 978-0-8021-2444-9
  • Dimensions 5.5" x 8.25"
  • US List Price $16.00
  • Imprint The Mysterious Press
  • Page Count 400
  • Publication Date January 06, 2015
  • ISBN-13 978-0-8021-2329-9
  • Dimensions 6" x 9"
  • US List Price $26.00

About The Book

From the New York Times bestselling author Thomas Perry, A String of Beads is an addictive, brilliantly suspenseful novel featuring rescue artist Jane Whitefield, who has spent two decades protecting innocent victims on the run.

A year after getting shot on a job that took a dangerous turn, Jane has settled into the quiet life of a suburban housewife in Amherst, New York—or so she thinks. One morning, coming back from a long run, Jane is met by an unusual sight: the female leaders of the eight Seneca clans parked in her driveway in two black cars. They have come to her with a troublesome request. Jane’s childhood friend from the reservation, Jimmy, is wanted by the police for the murder of a local white man, and he has fled. The clan mothers believe that Jane is the only one who can find him. Jane sets out to retrace a journey she took with Jimmy when they were fourteen years old, and soon realizes that the police aren’t the only ones after him. As the chase intensifies, the number of people caught up in this deadly plot grows, and Jane is the only one who can protect those endangered by it.


“Many scenes have an almost Twilight Zone atmosphere of sudden recognition. The landscape is filled with references to tribal history, and Perry also delivers fascinating information on how to hide and change identity. . . . First-rate suspense.” —Connie Fletcher, Booklist (starred review)

“Another excellently engineered thriller from Thomas Perry featuring Jane Whitefield. . . . Soul-searching and car chases too. What more could we ask from an escape artist like Perry?” —Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

“The 8th book in the Jane Whitefield series does not disappoint.” —Deadly Pleasures

“Perry’s thriller swings into action as soon as Jane is on the trail. A breathless pace sets the tone with numerous close calls as the expert, clever heroine tries to solve the crime before Jimmy gets caught. Enthusiastically recommended for series fans and for readers who appreciate strong female protagonists.” —Deb West, Library Journal

“Whitefield is an indelible figure—whip-smart, resourceful, brave and big-hearted.” —Adam Woog, Seattle Times

“Jane Whitefield is unique in the annals of detective fiction. She is a throwback to a tribal world, still loyal to the beliefs of the Seneca Indians and still adhering to the call of a lost era. Thomas Perry has once again resurrected a remarkable character who seems imbued with a strange immortality and an unusual morality, and he is to be congratulated. . . . Mr. Perry always has a twisting and turning plot, yet what is most intriguing about his Whitefield series is the intense detail that accompanies its developments.” —Muriel Dobbin, Washington Times

“An outstanding Whitefield adventure.” —Bill Ott, Booklist

“Thomas Perry’s smooth, unpretentious and action-packed page-turners just keep coming . . . In an era where the outsized comic book ethos of superheroes, magic, and vengeance seemingly has sway over the entire culture, it is a relief to enjoy one of Perry’s comparatively restrained adventures for smart adults . . . One of the best Jane books so far.” —Ethan Iverson, Life Sentence


Jane drove south to the mechanic’s shop that was owned by the Snows. She pulled close to the garage doorway, got out, and walked to the front of her car.


Jane turned her head and saw a dark-skinned man about her age wearing blue work pants, steel-toed boots, and a gray work shirt with an embroidered patch above the pocket that said ray. Jane stepped up and hugged him. “It’s great to see you, Ray. I was afraid you would be on vacation or something.”

“No, the guys who work for me get vacations. I’m always here, like the doorknob. Got a car problem?”

“I wondered if you could do the scheduled maintenance on my car—you know, oil, filter, lube, check and replace belts and hoses—and then keep it here safe for at least a week or so.”

“I’d be glad to. You staying around here?”

“I thought I’d go on a hike, like we used to when we were kids.”

Ray Snow’s brows knitted. “You trying to find Jimmy?”

Jane looked around to see if anyone else was in earshot. She smiled and said, “Not me. That’s the police’s job. I wouldn’t want to get involved.”

“Well, that’s good. A person would have to be stupid to do that.” He whispered, “Give him my regards.”