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Corners of the Globe

by Robert Goddard

From the Edgar Award-winning author Robert Goddard comes the second enthralling novel in the James Maxted series, featuring a dashing pilot-turned-double agent, a notorious German spy, a mute Arab thief, and a missing antiques dealer, set at the end of World War I.

  • Imprint The Mysterious Press
  • Page Count 400
  • Publication Date June 07, 2016
  • ISBN-13 978-0-8021-2522-4
  • Dimensions 6" x 9"
  • US List Price $25.00

About The Book

In the second thriller in Robert Goddard’s skillfully plotted World War I-era series, The Corners of the Globe, Max is sent on his first mission for legendary German spy Fritz Lemmer—the man who claims responsibility for the murder of Max’s father. But as Max travels to Scotland’s Orkney Islands to collect a mysterious gray file from a German navy captain, he must keep his true allegiances in mind. Meanwhile, in Paris, Max’s trusty sidekick and friend Sam Twentyman has been promoted to chief mechanic for the British diplomatic fleet of cars. All is going well until Max receives a warning that a nefarious element in the Japanese delegation is stirring up trouble—and has reason to believe Sam can help him get what he wants.

With the Germans about to enter the Paris peace negotiations, the need for reconciliation among nations is greater than ever. But there is one secret so explosive that it threatens to endanger the whole treaty, and Max, playing a double game, is intent on finding out what it is.


“The writing is effortlessly and gloriously earnest . . . [A] good old-fashioned adventure story.” —Crime Fiction Lover

“Goddard is an excellent prose stylist, and his attention to historical detail is masterful . . . A sophisticated spy story with serious historical chops.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Tense action and clever dialogue . . . History buffs and fans of period thrillers . . . will appreciate Goddard’s attention to detail.” —Publishers Weekly

“A smashing tale of mustachioed derring-do set shortly after the First World War . . . An excellent read.” —Thriller Books Journal

“Very well recommended.” —Euro Crime


Fontana sucked a last drag out of his cigarette and flicked it away. “Listen, I don’t want to know what you’re after on that German ship. I’ve done what the boss wanted me to do here: make it possible for you to get on board. It’s not going to be easy, but Tom Wylie’s the man to do it. I’ll see him this evening and explain to him what’s wanted and brief you on the plan straight after. Ok?”


“Meet me in the back bar of the Albert at nine o’clock. It’s Saturday, so it’ll be busy. And noisy. No-one will pay us any attention.”

“I’ll be there.”

“Any questions?”

“Which ship will Wylie take me to?”

Fontana gave a mirthless little laugh. “You’ll find out when the time comes and not before. I mean to stick to the rules even if you don’t. The boss doesn’t like deviations.”

“But he isn’t here, is he, to worry about how we get the job done?”

“Not here? Well, that depends on exactly what you mean by ‘here.’ I often feel he’s looking over my shoulder watching what I do.”

“Do you feel that now?”

Fontana lit another cigarette and contemplated Max as he drew on it. “You should feel that now. It’d be good for you. Stop you taking too many chances. This is your first big job for him, isn’t it? If you want to live to do another, you need to be more careful. That’s my advice. I’ll see you later.”