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The definitive selection of Amiri Baraka’s dynamic poetry—comprising more than five decades of groundbreaking, controversial work—with new, previously unpublished, and uncollected poems.

Searching for Zion

“This is a beautifully written and thought-provoking book. My head gets blown off every page. . . . Everyone [Raboteau] meets she renders with…

The Nigger Factory

New edition of the second novel by the legendary poet, musician and Godfather of Rap. The Nigger Factory is a scornful statement on the…

Jam on the Vine

An explosive debut novel that chronicles the life of a trailblazing African American woman journalist through the start of the twentieth century.


“[A] panoramic history . . . Gill blends high-density research, political and cultural sophistication, and narrative drive to produce an epic worthy of its fabled subject.” —Edward Kosner, The Wall Street Journal…

Color Blind

“Dunkel’s enthralling narrative of Bismarck’s talented collection of white and black players falls into the ‘must-read’ category.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Colored Museum

“Brings forth a bold new voice that is bound to shake up blacks and whites with separate-but-equal impartiality. True satire.” –Jack Kroll, Newsweek

Bullwhip Days

“A rich source of cultural information . . . Eloquent and important. It stands as a group portrait of people not long dead, all…

Black Folktales

“Although these tales have been told before . . . Lester brings a fresh, street-talk language to them and thus breathes new life into…