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India Song

“Unusual and magnificent . . . a shock to received ideas delivered by a dramatist of genius.” –Harold Hobson

The Homecoming

The Homecoming is a two-act play written in 1964 by Nobel laureate Harold Pinter and it was first published in 1965.

Hedda Gabler

“This revised text . . . flows quite naturally. . . . [Baitz has] boldly chipped away at the romantic patina and found a…

Guernica and Other Plays

“I watched scenes onstage of sodomy, intercourse, defecation, urination, profanity, and nudity, and found them not only acceptable but exactly and most powerfully right….

The Great Society

The sequel to All the Way, which won the 2014 Tony for Best Play, The Great Society traces the remainder of LBJ’s tumultuous presidency,…

Glengarry Glen Ross

“One of his best plays. Crackling tension . . . ferocious comedy and drama. A top American playwright in bristling form.” –Frank Rich, The…