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Yesterday’s Weather

“Arresting . . . Enright composes stories that tend to be straightforward, featuring working-class women with recognizable difficulties: infidelity, boredom, motherhood . . ….

The Wig My Father Wore

“A smart and piercingly sad examination of family, roots and separation. . . . Supplementing the irresistible tale . . . is Enright’s own…

What Are You Like?

“An eloquent writer . . . dazzlingly funny. . . . For Enright the recognizable dimensions of time, speech, and thought . . ….

The Pleasure of Eliza Lynch

“A powerhouse of vivid contrast and contradiction. . . . In a swashbuckling prologue replete with arresting sexual imagery, Enright lays bare her novel’s…

The Gathering

“There is something livid and much that is stunning about The Gathering. . . . Anger brushes off every page, a species of rage…